Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedded Bliss

This post is extra dear to both Lo and myself. We celebrated the nuptials of the newly Mister and Misses. Morgan happens to be Lo's oldest and best friend. She had the honor of standing at Morgan's side as her maid of honor this weekend. Whereas Morgan and I go back to high school days kickin' it around the soccer field.

It was a day full of love, friendship, and wedded bliss.

Before I lay all the pictures on you let me explain the reception site as it is the cherry on top. Morgan being the strong willed woman that she is insisted upon a romantic yet rustic reception in a barn. Not something particularly difficult to come by in Southern Indiana. However, she had her eye on our historical hometown Round Barn. There is only one catch...it is typically filled with cows and has NEVER been the location for any sort of event.

Despite the skepticism, her family and friends pulled together, to herd the cattle out, scoop up the poo, and managed to make a barn smell pleasant. The outcome was magical. And so you enter into a romantic, rustic, Southern Indiana wonderland...

Find your table.
Grab a drink.
Take a seat.
 The closest thing I have to a little sister. Isn't she pretty?
 My best friend and partner in crime.

The red velvet was superb!
Lo's best friend.
 The happy couple.

My best friend.
Not amused...

 She is clearly as excited about the cake as I am.

I am so in love with this picture. The bride and groom sharing their first dance as the bride's parents cuddle up to watch. Precious.
 Gearing up for the speeches. Which by the way was the best collective job I have heard in a long time.
Father of the bride.
Lo knocking it out of the park.
 Best man
 One of the groomsman had the whole room bent over laughing.
 Sister of the bride.

 Sisters...they only look slightly related ;)

 Austin looking ghost-like in the back.

 Lo and Bee.

This pic is stolen from Facebook, but these gals are too sweet not to make the blog. Meet Amie and Zarah. They happen to be sandwiching the ever dapper brother of the bride, Austin.
 Also stolen, photo from the owners of the Round Barn. Magical right?
The little picture thief that I am stole this one too. But I thought we should end with a great photo of the bride and her maid of honor. They may live in two different parts of the country, but their friendship I am sure will withstand the test of time. 

Cheers to Morgan + Brandon!

With all of our love,
Lo + Bee

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  1. I'm still wiping away the tears. Such an emotional time for us, proving that even at our older age it's still possible to make new friends (Chris Scholl Jarrett & Jeff Jarrett) that you'd do anything for. Hence the transformation of our round barn for one of the most deserving brides we know! Congratulations to Morgan & Brandon, but also to Lo + Bee for capturing the barn transformation, as well as that magical night, so well! Heart felt thanks from the Barbers!

    1. Thank you so much for the high praise! We are touched! It was a beautiful evening celebrating a beautiful couple! You should all be so proud of the transformation!

  2. Thank you girls, for capturing the day so beautifully. Love you both so much and so grateful that Morgan got to grow up around such sweet, sweet girls. Hoping to have a few years to recoup before we do this again:) Love you both like you were my own!!

    1. Awww thank you thank you! It's nights like that and the incredible people that made it happen that make coming home so wonderful. It was all the better celebrating such a dear friend! We love you too! Until next time...