Wednesday, August 21, 2013


While I was at work, EB had the chance to stroll through the local neighborhoods on foot. The mixture of old and new along with the gorgeous weather is upping Boston's ranking in my top 10 favorite US cities. 

The famous bakery Flour is very fortunately/unfortunately just around the corner. This smoked turkey sammy with cranberry chutney, a green gazpacho with all sorts of yummy goodies, and chocolate chip cookie really hit the spot. They are known for their sticky bun but we just weren't feeling all that sticky...maybe later this week.

 This mediterranean restaurant just down the road named Trade caught my eye with its super trendy design. It was a no brainer to make this our dinner destination. I was so enamored with the glass tear drop lights that I could have cared less if the food was complete junk but it was in fact delicious.

EB was also feeling the decor. She's a sucker for stripes.

We had prime seating for some quality people watching. Our favorite past time. If you are as obsessed as I am with EB's necklace you would be happy to know that it is from J.Crew Factory.

My drink was rhubarb lime something or other. It was really really...


We decided to split three of their small dishes. It was just too hard picking three so we got four. First off the roasted summer squash with a garlic yogurt.

Next up a black bean enchilada. 

Then came the chicken fave.

And lastly grilled corn for these Indiana girls.

Gooooood but no Ace's High. 

The food was super delicious, but I wouldn't really classify it as Mediterranean. I mean we had an enchilada for Pete's sake. Still very very good and a cool vibe.

Satisfying that sweet tooth with some fro yo. Nothing soothes the soul quite like red velvet fro yo with all the toppings.

Our view of the new and old.


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