Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

As tradition has it, the day after Thanksgiving my sister and I take on the great task of decorating my parent's  house for the Holidays. Every year it goes a little something like this…

  • We blast Pandora Christmas tunes with the likes of Ella, Bing, Frank, Dean and Rosemary
  • Ambitiously craft some new Christmas decor to add to Ma's collection. This typically ends with a "Who's idea was this?"
  • Recruit Pops, the electrician, for just about everything that requires illumination. He was blessed with far more patience than the rest of us.
  • Finally, a "team" Christmas tree effort commences. EB and Ma do a bulk of the work. Dad helps in vertically challenging moments. Jared pretends to help in general. And I do a little here and there trying not to overexert myself.
Here is our little craft project. Glass ornaments filled with glitter and strung to the chandelier. It will give your dining room table that mystical, magical Harry Potter look.

What you'll need:
Clear glass ornaments - we used multiple sizes
Funnel - homemade paper ones worked just dandy
Fishing wire/thin string
Coffee filters to contain the glittery mess

Now onto the family affair of tree decorating.

Proof that Jared pretends to help.
 EB looking for a little assistance.
A certain someone being extra difficult.
Tartan on tartan on tartan

This is where sibling rivalry really kicks in. Who can get all their ornaments front and center first. Let the games begin.

Jared's "special" bear.
My elephant/rhino.

 EB's googly eyed reindeer.
 She had very chubby cheeks as a baby.
 My light bulb reindeer and puzzle Christmas tree and Bell. I'm clearly winning.

 Turns out Jared understands Swedish Ikea instructions. At least he is good for something.

 The final product. It's a beaut!
So excited to be back home again with the family in just a matter of weeks. In the mean time I have lot's of shopping to do. 


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