Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hotty Toddy

This wasn't my first rodeo heading down to Oxford, Mississippi for an Ole Miss football game, but per usual it was a weekend that hardly disappointed.

Ole Miss tailgates have been ranked #1 for the longest time up until this past year when they unfairly lost their title to Clemson (according to the rebels). There is a reason these fans keep coming back for more as the Grove shaded with age old Oaks fills with red, white, and blue. The ladies come dressed in nothing short of their Sunday best. Tents are decorated with pure Southern elegance in the form of chandliers, cotton bouquets, candelabras, and endless spreads of home cookin'. If the looks don't have you mystified the hospitality and southern draws will nearly knock you off your feet. An impressive display without a doubt.
And so we start our trek to the Grove. Always comical as Casey tries to steer this squirrly little rascal of a trailer. Watchout bystanders.
 Headed to the library are you Alex?

 Chow down

 If only you knew the journey it took to get this baby blue pullover. It is a beaut!

Best friends since childhood.

 Kristen, Mal, and Alex
 Saddle up...it's a riding boot kind of day.
Drink up

 And so the impressive displays of tailgating begins...

 They even name the porta potties.
Emilie and Mason

My main Southern gal

 Kristen and Mac

How very nice of Tyler and Harry to finally show up. Congratulations to your Tennessee Volunteers on finally winning a game.


Taylor and Andy
Brooke made an appearance thank goodness. Our little nurse-to-be thinks she can hide from us.
And this my friends is where the pictures get a tad bit more interesting as my camera was hijacked. I have to say it adds a little flavor to what could have otherwise been a very boring post ;) All compliments of the professional in training, Casey.
Mason picking on the LSU fans.
Even though they seem to be pretty friendly.

One of the many failed photo opportunities. But I guess it is a close up of my circa 2010 H&M outfit.
Alex is wearing Express.
Loyal fan.
And here is the very failed attempt to have a picture of the girls. This is what happens when you let a snap happy boy take the picture. No, we never got a normal shot.

Not even close buddy.

And Alex loses faith knowing this is likely a lost cause. For another time ladies...
 Mallory is teaching me everything I need to know about living in Memphis.
Ian was there in spirit.
And as the day goes on it just gets better and better.

Before the game starts the team takes a stroll down the Walk of Champions.

We finally reach the end of daylight hours. I hope I captured the true essence of an SEC tailgate. The party continued on late into the evening. Thankfully all of my Southern amigos were pretty happy as their teams claimed victories. Until the next time...

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  1. Where did you find the baby blue Ole Miss pullover? Would love to get one for my son.