Thursday, August 22, 2013


We thought it would be fun to stroll on over to the Harvard campus. So I put on my smart glasses and we started our journey. On the way we stopped at this adorable diner style but much more chic restaurant called Sportello's.

 Perfect view of the chefs doin' their thing.

 I went the brunch route starting with some cafe o le and sweetening the palette with french toast lathered in nutella, hazelnuts, dusted with powdered sugar, and a side of strawberry rhubarb compote. Yummmm!

EB was feeling like lunch and treated herself to a refreshing summer drink and a ham and cheese panini with homemade potato chips.

 As soon as we walked into the room we scouted out the bakery in the corner. I was liking what I saw for sure. We landed on this monstrosity of a whoopie pie... red velvet with cream cheese icing. Double yum!!!!

Self control can be really hard to come by so I indulged and got the banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and bacon topping along with a few macaroons. I saved them for later and am choosing not to share those little piggy pictures.

After stuffing our faces it seemed only appropriate to start our walking journey. We hopped on the metro and headed on over to Harvard. I wish I could say I was really impressed.
Don't get me wrong the campus is interesting and beautiful for its colonial style, but there was something very missing. It did not feel like a college campus. There were tons of tourists (us included) and it wasn't as groomed as I had pictured in my head.
If it was a week later I would have tried to sneak into a class to see what it is really all about. Better luck next time.

EB sporting her polka dot J.Crew shorts and Top Sider Sperry's.

Ivy League. 


 Wearing my smart lookin' glasses.

 All J.Crew with a hint of Michael Kors.

This campus is weird.

Happy we are in Boston though. About to break in my walkin' Keds.

Harvard Square bustling with tourists.

 Walking the streets of Boston. I could live in any one of these brownstones happily.

Well that is all folks. Boston has been a ball but now I actually have to work which is the whole reason why I am here. 
If you haven't been, go! It is an awesome city and you will not regret the decision. It is hard to find a bad view and bad food. The perfect city. Probably a little chilly in the winter though. 

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