Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Boston

It just so happens that I have the great fortune to visit Boston for the next week or so for work. With very little convincing I tricked my sister, Elizabeth, in flying out to visit for the long weekend. 

Boston, a city of old and new has done nothing but impress thus far. It is pretty dang cool walking around on these old brick streets knowing this is quite literally the motherland. I don't really get into historical stuff but even I, the no-thanks-on-historical-facts kind of gal, am captivated by the secrets and hidden gem stones this city houses. 

So EB got in late and we hit the road without a plan ready to find some grub. The weather is nothing short of perfect with 75 degrees and no humidity. My hair is happy to catch a break from that Memphis mugginess.

We stumbled upon this charming little Italian restaurant, Pasta Beach. The stars were aligning as we walked up and an outdoor cafe style table for two opened up. 
The restaurant was packed with real-life Italians speaking their native language, cheersing over glasses of vino. I was thrilled with the authenticity.

Cheers to what is sure to be a splendid few days. Make sure you look in each others eyes ;)

Bring on one of our all time favorites, bruschetta pomodoro. 

A little ambiance sets the mood for a solid sister heart-to-heart. A glass of wine and some carbs warms us up for discussions on life, love, and careers. 

 Next came the ensalada, Tre Sapori. Heaps of arugula, heirloom tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and a fresh lemon dressing.

I am giddy with excitement on this little baby, Prosciutto Cotto. Stacked with tomato sauce, mozarella, cooked ham, basil, and a perfectly baked crust. The leftovers will not last long in my fridge.

The tables started clearing and we were the last ones standing. Grabbing our checks we headed out to the waterfront for a little stroll to take in the sites and awake from the food coma. 

Tomorrow will bring more entertainment and the stuffing of faces. Make sure to check back in for more adventures as we explore the city in the next couple of days.


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