Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Fair Maiden: Finale

Fiiiiiinally I'm getting around to giving you a look at the final product of my summer-long bridesmaid dress project. I made it for my dear friend Aly's wedding that was held on a beautiful fall day in Southern Indiana.

I managed to snag a few of the beautiful wedding photos, but first I took a couple boring pics at home for some close-ups of the dress. Ta-da!

 The open back was one of my favorite design features of the dress.

Shout out to the brilliant Lexi Arielle Photography who captured Aly and Will's big day perfectly. While I'm at it, Aly has a pretty sweet photography business herself, check her out at Alyson Naville Photography. The rolling hills of Southern Indiana, or "God's country" as Will likes to call it, was the perfect setting for the rustic chic wedding. 

Aly and her girls. We all got to choose our own dresses and they ended up going together perfectly! It was meant to be.

The bridal par-tay....ignore my cheesiness there.

These were all taken in Will's grandparents' back yard. Hello photo op!

So so happy that I got to be a part of this big day for two of my favorites.....and that my dress turned out to actually be wearable. I had my moments of doubt on that one, and I won't elaborate on the fact that I didn't actually complete it until two days before the wedding ;) But alas, it came through for me!
After the beautiful ceremony we danced the night away with friends and family. An all around perfect day.


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