Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bringing Good Cheer

We've mixed and mingled. We've lit up and jingled.
We draped ourselves from head to toe,
With tinsel, garland, ribbon and bows.

Friday night Lo and Bee were reunited at our family friends' annual Christmas revelry. It was a shindig we wouldn't dare miss.

The only rule being that you had to dress up like a Christmas tree. It was a festive rainy evening in Indiana with twinkly lights, holiday cocktails, savory eats, cookie decorating, laughter, and merriment. 

The perfect evening even if we were all dreaming the rain would turn to powdery snow. 

My lights were giving us a soft, glow transforming us into the angels we really are atop the tree wink wink.

 Cranberry and tequilla cocktails. Dangerous, little concoction.

Lo's Ma bakes with all sorts of love never disappointing with her sweet treats.

Most creative goes to the following:

Somebody left their halo sitting around.
Our reunion in NYC is just upon us.

Glowing and gorgeous. Obsessed with Lo's Miu Miu pumps.

Jello shot anyone?

 Mine wasn't pretty enough for the tray but great for devouring.

Megan, cookie decorator extraordinaire.

 The beautiful Mads.

Lo sharing her NYC tales.

Cheers and Merry Christmas from Lo and Bee!
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