Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

It's officially December which means I'm in full-fledged Christmas mode. I like to give Thanksgiving it's time in the spotlight, but as soon as December 1st rolled around I started my holiday shopping. I spent several hours this weekend scouring the web for great gift ideas, so I bring you some of my top picks.

1. Haircalf Bow Gloves, Banana Republic. I first fell in love with the leopard print but was very 
    intrigued once I sat the magenta color.
2. Antique Silver Jewelry Boxes, Pottery Barn. They have a whole collection of these and bonus: you
    can monogram!
3. Julie Vos Byzantine Cuff. We love, love, love this designer.
4. Universal Portable Charger, J. Crew. For a girl on the go. 
5. First Knuckle Rings, Catbird. I'm obsessed with "up high rings" as I've been referring to them
    (because they sit on the upper part of your finger), glad to finally know what to call then. Catbird has
    loads of interesting pieces.
6. Cedar Street Monday Bag, Kate Spade. I mean, there's gotta be a little Kate Spade on every gift
7. Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke , Urban Outfitters. I think I really
    need this for Christmas. Wink wink, family.
8. How to be Interesting by Jessica Hagy, Urban Outfitters. As a blogger, this is an everyday struggle. I
    know Bee will back me up on that.

1. Wool Plaid Scarf, J. Crew. Can't go wrong with a classic plaid for the holidays.
2. Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses, Ray-Ban. These just seem very hip.
3. Saddle Leather Toiletry Case, Pottery Barn. This can also be monogrammed, PB has it down for
    personalized gifts.
4. Vintage NFL Beer Stein, Pottery Barn. This just seemed very manly, and once again it's able to be
5. How To Be A Man by Glenn O'Brien, J. Crew. The gentleman's guide to being, well, a gentleman.
6. Alfred Sargent Chelsea Boots, J. Crew. I think by now you're probably starting to see a pattern in my
    men's guide. Just go to J.Crew or Pottery Barn and you're set.

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