Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT: Tuscany

It's been a bit since we've done a throwback, so I decided to give you a look at one of my favorite days from study abroad. Funny enough, a lot of my favorite moments happened in my Food and Wine class, all strictly educational, of course. On this particular day we took a field trip to the the Tuscan countryside to visit a small farm. It was more like a mini village that produces its own olive oil and wine, but doesn't that sound like the best kind of farm? The place was so beautiful it doesn't need words, but I'll give you a few anyway.

It's a rough life, living at a vineyard in Tuscany and all.

After a presentation about how they make their products, we all sat down to a little "taste test". Olive oil doesn't seem like something you'd notice much difference in, but when I tell you this is the best olive oil I've ever tasted, it's no lie. I brought some home that I still use today for special dishes. The loads of bread, cheese, and prosciutto were also delicious.

Our teacher scheduled in some extra time to let us explore and take pictures, I think you can understand why!

Ciao Ciao!


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