Monday, April 7, 2014

Treasure Hunting

It was the first actual spring-like weekend here in NYC, and I was determined to take full advantage of it. On Saturday I met up with Maddie to do just that. Our first stop was a flea market that happened to be right by her apartment. Flea markets tend to pop up in random places a lot in the city, especially when the weather is nice. I love exploring them, mainly to look for antique jewelry. I plan to make this treasure hunting a summer weekend ritual, so stay tuned for my interesting finds. For now, here's some of my favorite things from this weekend.

It sort of amazes me that in the city they'll shut down random blocks for markets like this. We also stumbled across a food market right down the middle of 6th Ave.

 Lots of pretty jewelry at this stand!

I could totally pull this off, right?

We debated these fringe leather vests for a very long time. I'm thinking we're going to have to make a trip back to get some.

 One of the many reasons I love these types of markets in NYC, you find things like gourmet donuts.

This stand had tables on tables full of baubles.

Now that the weather is nice I can get out and adventure more. Stay tuned!

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