Monday, June 17, 2013


Saturday Alex, my main Southern gal, and I ventured down South for a little day trip to Oxford, Mississippi. Our trip started off with some good laughs as we sat at a stoplight, looked over and noticed that the tractor and plow idling next to us was being driven by an 8 year old. Shocked? A little, then again I'm sure he was a seasoned tractor driver.

It wasn't my first time in Oxford, home of Ole Miss. My friends and I usually venture down south during football season, festival weekends, shopping, etc. Any excuse really to pretend like we are in college will usually do. It was the perfect day to stroll around and act like we were students hanging around during summer vacay. 

It is the quintessential Southern town quiet, colorful, filled with charm and the faintest smell of fried chicken wafting in the air. The Square bustles with residents, students, and visitors there for some quality home cookin' (not a chain in site) and some boutique shopping for the weak of heart. 

We strolled through the square stopping for a Bloody Mary and Mimosa at the creole inspired Boure

A little light reading commenced at Square Books. We embrace our nerdyness.

Why yes, they sell ice cream in a book store. I mean, why not?

Alex maintaining an enormous amount of self control. She only bought one...

I totally judge books by their covers. 

Me bookworming in the F. Scott Fitzgerald section. 

Naturally rewarded the child inside of us with some confections from Holli's Sweet Tooth.

After chowing down all afternoon and treating ourselves to some lemon sorbet and vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries, we thought it be wise to walk it off with a stroll through the historical streets.

A random chair just asking to be sat in.

We stumbled upon William Faulkner's humble abode. Like all the greats, he was a little crazy. Not sure why. His house was inspiring.

 I can't say for sure, but I bet he wrote under this.

All in all I'd chalk up our day trip as a major success. There's nothing quite as wonderful as stuffing your face with some delicious eats and drinks, shopping with your  partner in crime, and taking in the plantation style architecture on a warm summer day.



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