Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Franklin, TN

At age 23 I'm probably a little too old to be tagging along with my parents to business trips, but when presented with the options of staying home alone or eating and shopping my way through the Nashville area with my mom, it was a no-brainer. Today we roamed Franklin, TN which has the quaintest little downtown lined with hip boutiques and restaurants. It's been several years since my last visit to Franklin and I had forgotten how great it really is. 

As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, I make it my job to hunt down the best little coffee joints in a new town. Luckily, Merridee's didn't disappoint. We had breakfast here and everything we tried was incredibly delicious. We even went back after lunch for dessert because, well, why not?


Gotta get my fix

Who knew coffee in Franklin could be so good? I sure didn't.


Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a cinnamon roll

Philanthropy is one of my favorite boutiques in Franklin. They donate a portion of their sales to charity and have some really interesting store displays, not to mention great clothes and accessories.

The historic Franklin Theatre, originally opened in 1937.



Queso with BBQ brisket and pico de gallo at 55 South - SO YUM

This place originally caught my eye because of the darling storefront, but once inside I fell in love even more after perusing the jewelry and gift items.

Caffeine stop #2. I know, I have a problem.

I had to practice some serious self-control to keep myself from grabbing each and every piece of clothing and jewelry that called my name, but it was an altogether great, sunny day in downtown Franklin. I can't wait for my next visit.


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  1. That settles it, must plan an excursion to Franklin! I mean, there is a coffee shop called Merridee's...coincidence? Definitely. But I'll take it as a sign :)

    1. You're required to take me back with you when you go! -Lo