Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So. Indiana Day Two + Three

In celebration of America's birthday we invited the troops over for a good ole fashioned barbecue. I was more than prepared to get my eat on. I train for these holidays.
A Daviess County delicacy that you will not find anywhere else is marinated turkey tenders. They are melt in your mouth, died and gone to heaven delicious. One is never enough. Pops threw them on the barby with some brats as I monitored the situation as the assistant grillin' chef. Just call me Chef-Boy-R-Jess. 
We feasted on home grown corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers, heaping spoonfuls of potato salad, sweet tea, brownie delight, and Amish cookies (yes, I said Amish...not the fake kind either).  
I apologize for the lack of food pics. I was busy stuffing my face.

After dinner it was time to play outside. Reverting back to my babysitting days, I am an expert in entertaining children. It doesn't take much as we both have wild imaginations.

Neither of these two children have really mastered the art of sharing. 

In summary, Jared would hit a golf ball and Reese would chase after it. Jared thought this was going to work to his benefit as he was willing to take full advantage of a toddler. Reese being the sharp little chica she is, was not buying that. Instead she would retrieve the ball, throw it in the opposite direction of Jared and yell "fetch!" 
I didn't really feel the need to correct her at that moment. Instead I threw my head back with a few giggles, snapped some shots, and sprawled out on the lounge chair for the entertainment that was taking place before my eyes.

When the kids got done playing, I thought I would test the waters in my golfing abilities. In the previous post I mentioned I wasn't exactly country club groomed. I may or may not have line drove a golf ball through the garage window. I think it's pretty evident my hand eye coordination needs some improving. 

The bbq commenced and we rallied for our small town fireworks. I don't have any pics because they were that unimpressive. Basically every couple of minutes we would ask, "Is this the grand finale?"
They tend to be very anti-climatic, but still a tradition nonetheless. I mean we don't have to go far since the fireworks can be seen from our house...perks of small town life.

On to Friday...a really doozy! My best gal pal Mere (she has shown up on here a time or two), well her familia was having this little shin dig called Casino Night. They throw the best parties for no reason other than to have hoot n' hollarin' time.
The boys had a ball. I on the other hand get extremely anxiety ridden when it comes to gambling. No, we weren't playing with real money but stiiiillll! I survived with drink in hand.

Megan's first blackjack!!! She was workin' it for the camera lady :)

If the gambling just got to be a little too much...

My favorite place to hang...the food table.

Once the casino lights were turned off, the disco ball was fired up along with the karaoke machine. And so began the beautiful rendition of N'Sync. Maybe with a few less drinks (or a few more) they could have done the choreography too. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll let it slide this time.

No party is complete without Wagon Wheel blasted over the speakers (not the Darius Rucker version either).

It was a party you never wanted to end, but makes for some great memories...or lack of, whichever.

Okay so this is a little off subject, but I wanted to also share what Indiana really looks like.

It looks like corn...


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