Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Venice, Italy

Because we're travel-obsessed (and because we love reminiscing about our study abroad experiences) we've decided to jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon. We'll take turns giving you a look at our adventures abroad. First up: Venice, Italy
It's one of the most beautiful places I've been, so brace yourself for lots of pictures.

This is our first view of the city...not too shabby

Basilica di San Marco

Roaming the streets and alleyways- not for the claustrophobic

We had heard the gondola rides are actually a tourist trap, but the way I see it you don't go to Venice without riding on a gondola, so that's exactly what we did. 

We were pretty disappointed when our gondolier informed us that serenading was not part of his job description, so Dean Martin seemed like the next best choice.

Shayda's new bf?

Cece is trying to lure the hated pigeons into her trap. She really doesn't like them.

I was in love with this old, weathered window, so naturally I made Katie pose in front of it...and then took a million more pics.

With my study abroad group we only had a day trip to the magical city, but luckily I was able to go back for a few days when my parents came to visit.

Riding in style in our water taxi.

Not a bad spot to have lunch

Apparently six weeks didn't help me much with menu translation.

This is Harry's Bar, it has tons of history and is a little bit secretive- they don't allow photography inside. It's supposedly the birthplace of the Bellini, the delicious Italian concoction of champagne and peach juice. I'm a huge Bellini fan so I had to make sure to try it here. It was everything I hoped for. Hopefully I don't get in trouble for blowing their cover with this pic ;)

I'll leave you with my favorite pic from Venice. This is looking out from the Bridge of Sighs, the famous passageway that connects the palace to the prison. The bridge got its name because this was the last view the prisoners would get before being taken to their cells.


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  1. I could cry! Love this post! Brings back so many amazing memories! XOXO

    1. Thank you!!! Going through all my pics made me want to go right now