Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Perfect Peach

So I hear it is really trendy to drink wine and paint. In an effort to be one of those really cool people (I'm nerdier than I look), I decided to tap into my inner watercolor extraordinaire. Now I had to do without the wine for two reasons. First, I drank it all prior to this personal paint party. Second, if I had been drinking wine I don't think any paint would have made it on the canvas. It was a good thought in theory.

Basically in summary good ole looney tune, earless Vincent Van Gogh has got nothin' on me...okay fine that is a blatant lie. I am pretty sure if I was a painting prodigy I would have discovered that by now. I wasn't actually trying to watercolor my way into his ballpark. I was drawing inspiration from the great Lilly Pulitzer. Everyone of the brand's prints are painted by truly talented and sober individuals. The art bursts with color and screams sweet summertime! 

If you give the slightest hoot, here is my Tuesday night project from beginning to end. Sidenote: although it would appear that I'm not the worst artist in the world, the picture documentation does not honestly display how long this took me...which by the way was 3ish hours. Clearly not winning in efficiency.

Beware it's a lot of pictures of just me...

First, I draw what I am going to paint.

Then I mix the colors. I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. Aren't red and yellow supposed to make orange?

As good as it is going to get

Here we go

The first peach is well...a real peach

Do not disturb the artist

Paintin' some leaves

So close amigos

Have to hide my pencil marks. Sign of a less than legit painter. painteress?

My thinker pose

Wa la!

Adding it to the collection...

Now you know what I do on Tuesday nights. I may travel a lot but weekdays are pretty chill. Sorry if this caused you to doze off. I have sympathy for you.


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