Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Glimpse

In only a matter of a week or so we will be featuring our very first guest blogger and we thought it appropriate to give her a proper introduction.
Our darling, stunning, and always riveting friend Mere will be posting on her adventures in Morocco, which happens to be where she is right Her family is quite the world travelers with many pins in their map including Australia, Turkey, Croatia, France, Africa, and the list goes on an on. They are a colorful group sometimes making a strikingly fitting comparison to the Griswalds as there is never a dull moment. Entertainment in these posts to come will not be hard to muster.

Now to explain our relationship with Mere. This little gal happens to be my longest standing friend. My partner in crime. There were moments where she had just about enough of me, but nevertheless she has stuck by my side. We have known each other since we were little tikes running through our tiny little town, spending summers by the pool, sleepovers cuddled up next to each other, and many years crashing each others family vacations (speaking of...I am bummed I didn't get to tag along on this Moroccan adventure). She is one of my best girls. I could write pages about how splendid I think she is but I digress.

Lo and Mere's relationship blossomed in high school through mutual friends. They later found out exactly how much they really loved each other as they both committed to attending the same university.  It was their schools that brought them together, but being the creative types they had a ton in common not to mention they both enjoyed a healthy amount of fun. 

She is a little ray of sunshine in both of our lives which is why we wanted to share her with all of you!


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