Monday, August 5, 2013

My Fair Maiden: Update

Time to play a little catch-up with my main goal for the summer: completing my bridesmaid dress for my friend Ally's wedding. My first round of bridesmaid duties is just around the corner. We're at a month mark on the countdown to the big day and my dress is still in the making. Think I procrastinate much? It's ok, I work well under pressure...I think. I'm getting more and more excited as we've started talking details of the day like hair, makeup, and our morning mimosas. 

Just as a refresher, here's my plan and what I've already worked on.

This is my first mock-up, it's sorta like a rough draft. In fashion design it's super helpful to make a mock-up to help figure out any fit issues before you get to the actual fabric. I also like that I can just mark or draw right on them to make things look they way I want.

Well, clearly this doesn't fit me, so I'll have to make some adjustments.

After several (and I mean several) fittings and some re-drafting of my patterns, it's FINALLY time to cut out my pieces in my dress fabric. The rule of thumb is to measure twice, cut once, so lots of planning goes into the project before you even get to start on the actual garment. The layout of your pattern pieces is really important so you don't waste fabric, but luckily I bought tons extra just to be on the safe side. I could almost make two dresses with what I have. Better safe than sorry!

Warning: spending hours on end at a sewing machine will make you delirious. I've experienced this a few too many times throughout all my design classes. Working on this project has brought back lots of memories of college nights spent hovering over my sewing machine at my little work station in my apartment, sewing furiously away at a project that was probably due the next morning. 

Here's a little sneak peek. A few more finishing touches and the bodice will be ready for me to attach to the skirt. Then there's the lining, the zipper, and lots of pressing. Geez, I better get to work. Stay tuned for the final result!

Don't worry Ally, if all else fails I'll at least show up to your wedding in a cute navy top ;)


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  1. This is awesome Lauren! You are so talented! I looks amazing!