Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Fair warning: I took a ton of pictures this last weekend which is why I am spreading this Nashville weekend out.

After our delectable burgers we thought it wise to put on our walking shoes and see some of the sites. As we were driving by the Vanderbilt campus we noticed this really impressive Southern style building that we later learned was the education school. We whipped into a parking spot and started on our quest.

That evening we went to my favorite spot to see the city skyline over on Rolling Mill Hill. It is far more impressive than any camera could possibly capture.

The next morning we started our day off with a Nashville breakfast staple, Noshville, located in Midtown right next to good ole Taylor Swift's apartment (as if that is relevant). 

It was diner style, quick service, and delicious food. No complaints over here. 

Cafe con leche.

I don't go anywhere without these bad boys.

Please pay attention to me. I swear my conversations are stimulating he just doesn't appreciate it because we're related. 

I'd like to point out how unfair life is. Not sure why he was blessed with the blue eyes. He isn't really all that humble about it either. Envious. 
Also notice the dude with the apron in the background posing. Future America's Next Top Model action. 

Jared had the French toast with eggs and bacon. 

I had a griddle cake with fresh strawberries, eggs, and bacon. 

True test

Not complaining. Devoured. 

We walked it off by climbing one of those notorious middle Tennessee hills in Percy Warner Park. 

Can you even believe this is only 15 min from the city? Crazy how you can have that metropolitan life and still get that rural feel. Warms my heart as a small town gal.

Made it to the top! I commented on how cool my arm muscles look. I told Jared my push ups must be paying off. His response...

Yeah I do push ups too...mental push ups. It's really exhausting, you know, but I can really see the definition. He is a charming bloke. 

I really wanted to recreate a Rocky scene, but I was being shy with all the serious runners around. 

Well, that wraps up my weekend. Nashville has so much to offer. If you get the chance to visit, I promise it is so worth your time to venture away from the "touristy" spots downtown. Broadway is great, but the rest of this city has so much character. It is totally worth exploring. 

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