Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

Ever so fortunate, I have seen and traveled near and far. There is a moment when you journey somewhere new and it instantly warms your soul. You suddenly feel right at home. I have been so lucky to find a few places that never grow old.

For my family the phrase "Sweet Home Alabama" are three little words that come to life nearly every summer. Something in the air changes the eve of vacation. The minutes slowly pass by as we so eagerly await our departure. 

The clock strikes twelve and so we set sail (relatively speaking). The hum of the tires, windows down, the sound of cicadas singing, and the morning dew settled in are nothing but nostalgic reminders of a well traveled journey back down south. In a matter of hours the Gulf rays will be toasting my skin and the salty mist will be fresh in my hair. If only for a week, we will be home by the sea, altogether again.

Just to give you a little taste of my family vacation none better spent than in Gulf Shores, Alabama. A week filled with sun, salt, laughter, love, books, mischief, and more. Welcome to one of my favorite places.

The mischievous one.


Mother and daughters.



True love.


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