Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mumford & Sons

I spent my Labor Day sitting on the lawn at Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis watching one of my all time faves, Mumford and Sons. What exactly is the purpose of Labor Day? Celebrating our work by not working? This point was brought up by the British band because they didn't understand this American holiday, and I thought it was a valid one. If celebrating working by not working is the true purpose, then I'm all for it. 

Klipsch is a typical outdoor music venue with a covered seating section and then a huge lawn for general admission. Everyone brings their blankets, plops down, and starts defending their spot for the evening. 

Jordan and I got there fairly early, so we staked out our territory and waited....and waited...and waited.

 Stacks on stack on stacks of bangles

Jordan was attempting to take a picture of me, but we're pretty sure the guy in the background thought she was trying to sneak one of him. He kept glancing back and giving us weird looks.

 Luckily it was a beautiful evening, which made all the waiting a little easier.

FINALLY dusk came and it was time for Mumford and Sons to come out. We were giddy.


I am constantly messing with my camera at concerts trying to get the best setting, but it's always so hard. I made my best attempt. If nothing else, you'll see their cool lighting techniques. 

I thought it was so cool how they strung these big lights over the crowd. They would twinkle around and then all come on at once when there was a big build up in the music. 

They played mainly songs from their newest album, but mixed in were some of the songs from the first album they couldn't get by without, like "Little Lion Man" and "The Cave". I love every single one of their songs, but my all time faves are "White Blank Page", "Awake My Soul", and "Below My Feet". Lucky for me, they played every one. As part of their encore they brought out the two opening bands and said they were going to sing a song "by a British band". It was "Come Together" by the Beatles, so cool to hear them all perform it together. We spent our walk back to the car talking about how much we love them and how we wish we were British. It was a perfect evening.


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