Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Sunday evening commenced our first annual Friendsgiving. If I do say so myself it was quite the success. 

What is a party without wine and cheese?
The hostess drinking a well deserved glass of vino.
Let's start with some appetizers. Salad and French onion soup.

Patienly waiting...
This little stud muffin was stealing the show.
Baby Seth.
Brooke, the maker of the crabby patties. Get em' while their hot.

The table is set.
Ted, "Do I get Friendsgiving dinner too?"
Allison's phenomenal mac n cheese. Jalapeños, the secret ingredient that brought it all together.

My first time eating mashed sweet potatoes. I may be a convert.

The over eager boys turned the table into buffet style. 
They clearly are not taking my mockery all that seriously. We have some table etiquette skills to work on for next year.
 Hey Tyler! It's a real pleasure sitting across from me.
Rosie cheeks.
Mal just flashing her new bling at me. Congrats again pretty lady!
My contribution was pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Brooke made a surprise pie. To know surprise it was delicious.
Clean plate club.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! 


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