Thursday, November 21, 2013

Splendid Ice Cream

On a whim my brother took me to Jenis Splendid Ice Creams upon my arrival to Nashville. Who really needs an excuse for ice cream? Not this gal.

The creamery is nestled on a hip little corner in East Nashville. You can't miss it as their is often a line of people patiently and eagerly awaiting a few moments of bliss. It is just that good. So good that we made two trips in one weekend. The first time I oh so conveniently forgot my camera or so I said. Guess we will have to circle round for part deux.

The ice cream itself is out of this world delicious. But the experience is just as wonderful with kitchy little names and an impressively knowledgable, cheerful staff.

Toppings are called gravel. If you ask me, I'd like a little bit ice cream with my gravel. I was licking the bowl begging for more. Pour on some sauce aka hot fudge. All the other goodies including sprinkles, whipped cream, nuts, etc are your accouterments. I took the sundae approach, both times, more bang for my buck!

Living within close range would be very dangerous. Thankfully there is a 3 hour cushion. I'll stop yammering on. Enjoy!

Next time I'll get one of these to go.

According to this little lady, the ice cream isn't terrible for you. I didn't dig too deep, but I'll take her word for it.
The gravel. Chocolate Blackout has changed my life.
Kat, Jared's girlfriend, is clearly healthier than us without all the accouterments.
Jared and I might be related as we ordered the exact same thing only mine is better because it has sprinkles. We went for the Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate (phenomenal) and The Buckeye State (chocolate peanut buttery goodness packed in a scoop). Our sauce was hot fudge. Gravel of choice, both nights, Chocolate Blackout. Topped with homemade whipped cream (I watched them make it) and sprinkles for myself.

Gone in a flash!
Yes, I am a child too. I shared my chalk with the little one. I wrote "Jared loves the Buckeyes" because he made such a big deal about ordering an ice cream called The Buckeye State. He is not in fact an Ohio State football fan no matter how much he loves chocolate and peanut butter. He requested a name change.

His mother and sisters apparently taught him to show his affections in strange ways. Sorry Kat.

Lucky for all of you, you don't actually have to go to Nashville to get Jeni's. You can order it online too! You can buy the ice cream, sauces, gravel, and sandwiches here. Could be a great Christmas gift if I do so say so myself!

I will be seeing you again Jeni's.

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