Thursday, November 14, 2013

TBT: Madrid Favorites

I thought I would give Throw Back Thursday #tbt a go on the blog this week. Now my adventures abroad were quite extensive. Instead of starting all the way back at the very beginning which was less than glamorous with lost luggage, minimal language skills, and my first endeavors/screw ups with public transport, I decided I would give you the more sparkly, shiny run down of my favorite spots. 

I thought I'd start towards the end when my family and Mere (who are we kidding she is family too) wandered across the Pond. I was really at my American abroad prime. By this point I was able to prove that I really could speak Spanish and that I was a Madrid aficionado. I even started considering myself a Madrilenean. Looking back I should have charged a tour guide/translator fee.    

First up, Palacio Real. It has a dreadful view. 

Love birds. This was oh so very candid.

Typical family picture. Jared screws it up.
I say, "No mas!"

Stunning sister of mine.
And ever onward to my favorite spot in all the land, Retiro Parque.

Thrilled about flowers he is.

Statues. Mere's brilliant idea.

Soul sisters.
Where I spent oodles of time people watching and eating croissants.
Palacio Cristal aka Crystal Palace. 

My brother is probably drooling just looking at this pic. I changed his life when I introduced him to lamb doner kebabs. We took a pit stop at my favorite kebab spot. Phenomenal!
A different day and different story as I gather the troops. Ahoy mateys let's set sail! (cheesy I know).
Plaza del Sol
Some handle jet lag better than others.
Plaza Mayor (pronounced my-or) although Jared insisted calling it Plaza May Orrr. "Stupid American" in my Spanish accent.
Last but not least. We stand on the roof of my school proving that I did in fact study a tiny bit while I was there.

Next throw back Thursday I will try to give you a little taste of my beginning days abroad and some of those adventures. Just warming you up for the good stuff! Chao amigos!

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