Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bryant Park Winter Village

Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots in New York on a normal day, but at the holidays it gets all dressed up as a winter village that makes it extra special spot. I've covered about every inch of the village, but any time I'm in the vicinity I manage to find an excuse to go back and roam around some more.

 These mini green houses are pop-up shops and cover the whole park. There's food, art, Christmas shops, and boutiques. Basically it's a one stop shop for Christmas shoppers.

 In the center of the park they've put in a giant ice rink, a staple for any winter village.
Perfect combo.

 This place is genius. It's a two story bar and restaurant built temporarily for the winter village. It overlooks the ice rink, so once you're good and frozen you can go sit by the space heaters with a cocktail to warm back up. Given my lack of figure skating skills, my personal plan would be to just camp out here and watch everyone on the rink try not to fall down.

 Bryant Park Grill seems like a charming little place that I can't wait to try, expect a post about it soon.

Merry Christmas!

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