Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I hardly even know where to begin to fully depict just how wonderful our trip to NYC was. 

Mere, Jordan, and I decided a few months back that we suddenly had the perfect excuse to visit New York. Our sweet, little Lo was conquering the Big Apple and we were ready to take the city by storm. 

Mere and I arrived first with plenty of rain to greet us. Mother Nature couldn't stop us from exploring, but it did stop me from photographing the day. We hunkered down for a boozy brunch with unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary's. Then we popped in an out of shops along 5th and Madison Avenue until we were good and damp. 

The pouring rain turned into a drizzle and we set out for the Broadway show Kinky Boots. It received a standing ovation that was most certainly well deserved. With the entertainment portion of the evening satisfied we decided to fill our hungry tums with some Mediterranean style tapas at Kashkaval.

Despite our Christmas blues, who doesn't love seeing twinkling lights draped along a quiet street.
We rested up preparing for day 2. Lo being the working woman she is had to oblige to her Kate Spade internship. She was most certainly missed.

Mere and I got beautifully lost through the boroughs of West Village, Soho, and Tribeca. We spent our day popping in and out of bookstores, quaint little restaurants, and neighborhood pubs. It was lovely.

Our first stop, Washington Square Park.
There surely is a story behind this rose. Take a gander?

Amongst the many long conversations we shared, she is the one gal who never fails to challenge me intellectually. I love Mere dearly because we love to go deeper than just your typical girl talk. It was much to our dismay that we could use a little brushing up on world history with the warm comfort of a spot of tea.

As we faced the brisk cold, we ventured down some quiet streets of Soho where we found the most charming restaurant that seemed perfectly appropriate for lunch. It was called Antique Garage.

Turkish coffee was exactly what we needed to continue on our quest.

Though I did not document our mosey through Tribeca and pit stop at the corner pub, Soho Room. It was the perfect way to close our afternoon stroll before we met up with Lo and Jordan for dinner.

It was time to head to the Top of the Rock for some impeccable skyline views.

Best friends reunited and sharing laughs.

Don't forget to pop back in for more on NYC.


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