Thursday, January 9, 2014

Friends Part Deux

It was a frigid day in NYC on NYE as people bustled through the streets. Mere and I were feeling a little blue that it was our last day but quickly perked up as little snowflakes fell from the heavens. 

The day was devoted to knocking off the first item off my bucket list - ice skating in NYC!

We trotted off to Bryant Park with our snow caps, mittens, and booties. The park was flanked with leftover Christmas cheer and wrapped with quaint little shops. It seemed only fitting to pop into a few.

Try prying this off Lo's wrist. Doesn't everyone deserve a little Chanel?

We all seemed to be needing a little perk in our step or shall I say liquid courage before we braved the ice. The gals and myself plopped down near the outdoor fire pit and cozied up for some warm rum and apple cider.

We laughed and we chatted until we were frozen to the bone.

I made the executive decision that having drinks with my girls watching other people ice skate was close enough to me actually ice skating. So let's just consider that item checked off, why don't we.

Technology can't live with it can't live without it.
Once we were good and frozen, we gulped down the rest of our hot toddies and strolled on over to the New York Public Library. What a beaut!

The lady of the hour was quite smitten with stacks upon stacks of literary wonder.

These were the very steps that Carrie Bradshaw glided up and minutes later frantically ran down in dismay in her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown. All my SATC readers know what I'm referring to.
I hate to break it to you folks, but that's all that is left from our adventures in NYC. Back to the cold, harsh reality of the real world.

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