Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Weekend

No longer being in school means that you don't have the luxuries of Christmas and summer vacations. Therefore, you have to take full advantage of every long weekend the calendar gives you. President's Day weekend just so happened to coincide with my friend Shayda's birthday, and it's been a solid six months since I've seen her, Katie, and Ceci, so I hopped a plane to Atlanta for a much needed Italy reunion. NYC tried to stop me with its massive snow storm, but thanks to some sweet talkin' by Shayda to Southwest Airlines, I managed to still make my trip. She's a miracle worker.

Friday night we planned a quiet girls' night at Katie's house. Most of our reunions are short with jam packed schedules, so it was nice to have some downtime for once. Katie, ever the perfect hostess, planned a full on spread of none other but Italian food.

 The wine/bellini bar, she knows us well. Don't worry, it wasn't fully stocked yet when I took this picture ;)

 Shayda enjoyed the perks of being the birthday girl while we cooked dinner.


I like to think I'm a decent cook, but apparently they only trusted me with cutting the bread.

Our lovely spread.

Dinner was fresh pasta with shrimp and pesto. mmmmm

For dessert Katie made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered cookie dough balls that were to DIE for. Check the recipe here, you won't be sorry.

The perfect hostess!

After dinner we decided to have some scotch with Katie's dad. Maybe not our best idea ever. Ceci ended up with most of our glasses.

We spent most of Saturday getting ready for Shayda's birthday bash, and a bash it was. It was so epic no one seemed to come out with pictures because they were too busy having fun.

Struggles. This is a usual occurrence when we attempt a picture together.

So happy to have these three to adventure with.


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