Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Week

"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future...this is known as fashion week." - Carrie Bradshaw

In the fashion business New York Fashion Week is both the best and craziest time of year. Hours upon hours of work go into a collection to be presented in a 10-20 minute show....but it's oh so totally worth it. This year I was fortunate enough to get a front row seat to the entire process through my internship at Kaufmanfranco. Yesterday was the big show, and I managed to bring you a little behind-the-scenes look.

After an incredibly late night of re-beading and alterations from the sewing team, the garments are transported to the tents at Lincoln Center bright and early so that they can be organized for the show.

This way to the runway!

A little sneak peek.

 This notes the order of the show and which models are wearing which looks.

A little last minute altering can always be expected... well as some shoe repairs.

The models all in a row for rehearsal, not that they need much practice. Many are doing multiple shows this week. 

The dressers taking their spots.

The designers have time for a few quick pre-show interviews. This one was for

And then the E! network, which I was pretty excited about as I'm a little addicted to it.

Once the models started getting dressed the other interns and I headed to the front of the house.

AALLL the cameras being set up at the end of the runway.

The cameras were a-flashin' when Kelly Rowland came in to take her seat.

After everyone gets seated and settled the lights go out and then.....


This gown was one of my favorite looks.

The pieces are of course gorgeous on the runway, but are even more so up close when you can see the intricate beading and seaming that goes into each piece. They are all so luxe.

The designers, Ken and Isaac, come out to take their bow.

To see all the looks, visit
Happy fashion week!

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