Friday, March 28, 2014


I was jolly as could be as we meandered around free of schedules and plans. Just a few buddies hanging out. 

Laura nerds out half the time. Every time she answers my phone calls she is whispering from her study station in the library. It seemed only fitting to get a bonafide tour of Claremont Graduate University.

Let's just say, I'm not really sure how anyone gets anything done. I'd just want to play outside the whole time. 

Peace and love? 2 years of California sure does make you happy.
A tree hugger
And a yogi?

Okay okay enough with the jokes. Laura is still a Midwestern gal through and through. We love her all the same.

As I flip through these pictures I really wish I would have cartwheeled through this greenery. Hey, I climbed that mountain back there…kind of.
Orange you glad you are reading this blog. No? I think you are. Probably thirsty for some orange juice as well.

So we scrambled through the campus clicking away but had to spruce ourselves up for a night out on the town. It was an eventful evening. The kind that is like a puzzle in the morning that you try to piece together over a tall Bloody Mary and mounds of brunch. 

This was the only picture from the evening. Santa Monica treated us with a live band and I got to practice my tambourine skills. Apologies dear friends. 

The lesson from the evening kids, never go home with strangers.
The morning after was a bit grim, and I think we were all feeling a bit on the crabby side. We rallied come late afternoon just in time for the University of Dayton vs Syracuse game.

Laura is a UD grad herself. Despite her lack of knowledge in most sports she was feeling pretty anxious. I hopped on the Flyer bandwagon and we cheered them to victory from a humble bar in Manhattan Beach.

Exhausted and stuffed we parted ways with Fitz saying our farewells.

Terribly, ugly place Los Angeles is. This must be what is like to fall in love with a city. I think I'll be back sooner rather than later.

On to the next adventure…

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