Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cordially Invited

This has to be one of my favorite posts. Some of you may have met one of my very best girl's Laura. She's the sweet, little nugget that lives out in Lala.

Over the years her family has grown near and dear to my heart. Heck, I even lived with them for a blissful yet brief moment out of college. Her oldest sister Caitlin is getting married to a real gem named Dan. It's one of those marriages that just makes you giddy thinking about the wedding as I'm sure all those invited shamelessly have a countdown until the party starts.

Laura and I have been putting these two up on a pedestal for quite some time as they epitomize the perfect balance of love, fun, and friendship. Speaking for myself, I couldn't be more happy or excited for a couple than I am for these two. I can only hope that one day I have something remotely close to their relationship. 

Okay enough sap! I wanted to give a bit of a glamorous behind the scenes viewing of a stellar wedding in the making.

Some of you may ask why all the black and white…Lucky for you, I am prepared and have an answer to that question. Black and white just seems fitting. Once you start scrolling I think you'll agree. 

Meredith and I happily obliged to be Cait's little minions. We properly prepared with a little lounging before we got down to business.


We are easily bribed with pizza and wine.

It was the best unplanned weekend Mere and I could have asked for. 


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