Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dance Party

We really know how to celebrate America the right way in So. Indiana. Throw on your suits (swim that is), head to the pool and dance the night away. The cherry on top was Lauren's spontaneous change of plans, planting her smack dab in Indiana for a celebratory Fourth of July.

I think that the quality of the photos, or lack of, sums up nicely just how much fun we had. Who has time to focus a camera when you are twirling around the dance floor with drink in hand? Not this little lady. 

The photos hardly need descriptions. I think you will get the picture. No pun intended. 

These two pretties have been friends for ages, mastering the art of long distance friendship.

Natalie stealing the show ;)
 Lauren trying to dodge the circle of dance. Not likely.

Obviously my solid Backstreet Boys rendition.

I think it's pretty obvious there wasn't a shortage of fun or glow sticks. God Bless!


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