Wednesday, July 9, 2014


After our quick Disney visit the fam had a whole week left in the Sunshine State. Venice, FL is a spot my family has visited every summer for as long as I can remember. Over time we've developed our usual go to spots, and after twenty something years we've developed so many it's hard to fit them all in. I've been campaigning for a longer vacation to solve this problem, I'll let you know if I succeed. We spent the majority of the trip boating and eating, which makes for a pretty stupendous week in my book.


Camera wars.

Captain Dave

Our schedule went a little like this: boat a little, stop for lunch, boat a little, swim a little, boat a little, stop for sunset.

Sharkey's is Venice's only beachfront restaurant and became one of our regular spots early on. Over the past year they have built a whole new fine dining restaurant connected to the old Sharkey's. On our last night in town my parents and I eagerly hit up Fins.

I had some sort of watermelon/tequila/spicy concoction that I can't quite remember, but it was good!

I mean, the grilled watermelon salad was good, but look at that backdrop.

I was so indecisive I couldn't even land on one appetizer, so I just ordered a few different ones and shared with mom. My "main" appetizer was the lobster and gouda nachos.

Both key lime pie and creme brulee are family favorites, so when we saw key lime creme brulee on the menu it was a must. This was gone in a second.

Fins gets two thumbs up and will most definitely be on our go to list from here on out. So sad to have to leave Florida but maybe next year I'll get that longer vacation I'm campaigning for!


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