Monday, June 24, 2013

Nashville :: Part 1

This weekend I ventured to one of my favorite Southern cities, Nashville, Tennessee (aka Nashvegas, Cashville). It's basically the definition of fun. My brother, sister, and I were reuniting, a rare occasion. It was my sister's birthday weekend and it promised to be a shamelessly good time filled with lots of laughs and no restrain as we explored some of Nashville's best eateries. Just to preface, I have never ate such delectable food. Ever. There will certainly be some long runs in my near future.

It was a few days packed full of Southern fun so sit tight as I spread this over a couple of blogs.

First on our agenda was celebrating EB's actual birthday at Nashville's top rated steakhouse Kayne Prime (It was recently rated best Nashville Steak, Restaurant, Design, etc and ranked in the top 10 best steakhouses in the US). Yes, their resume is impressive and my expectations were through the roof...I wasn't disappointed.

Note to self: continuously hint to Ma and Pops to reserve my birthday dinner here as well.

Okay let me set the mood. The restaurant sits just along the railroad that goes through downtown in a part of Nashville that used to boom with industrial business. The city is revitalizing the whole area giving it this super trendy vibe. The restaraunt itself exuded a rustic, contemporary design with dark woods and dim lights. It was simply, really cool. (Nashville dudes should take their Southern belles on dates here)

Union Station view from Kayne Prime

Jared is wearing J. Crew (his shirt is sold out so this is the closest I could find) and Ray-Bans

EB's necklace is J.Crew Factory and dress from Victoria's Secret

Chad, our superb down-to-earth waiter gave us great suggestions across the board. We started with appetizers. The cheese plate, a guaranteed people pleaser (who doesn't like cheese?). He also brought us some lobster puffs on the house for being a blogger...I graciously accepted.

My personal favorite was the Housemade Bacon. This was pork belly seasoned with peppercorn and cotton candy. Sounds strange I know. Boys will be in bacon heaven (The bro was less hesitant to share this dish).

Gap button up (old school) and Ray-Bans

Then came the filet mignon. Melt in your mouth. Cooked perfectly. Tried to look civilized.

Macaroni Gratinee (with bacon) for the bro and myself. Since he housed us for the weekend I let him keep the leftovers. I regret that decision.

EB got the brussel sprouts. I give up veggies on the weekend.

The birthday girl making a wish.

In summary it was the best meal to date (other than Ma's home cooking of course). We wrapped up the dinner and headed back for presents and a FaceTime sesh with the parents. 

Her actual birth day was coming to an end, but not to worry we let her pull the birthday card all weekend.

Sit tight for more of my Nashville adventures tomorrow. They are likely to entertain.


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  1. You had me at cotton candy bacon...

    Also, happy-happy to EB, absolutely gorgeous!

  2. It was melt in your mouth, lick the dish good! I wouldn't be opposed to round 2.