Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nashville :: Part 2

So it would seem that when my siblings and I get together we tend to revert back to the younger, more free spirited versions of ourselves. We seem to suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. After sleeping off our food coma, the Saturday adventures commenced with burgers and popsicles.

We ventured to 12 South to stuff our faces at Burger Up. It was mouth watering, unbutton your pants good.

Sweet teas for the table. We are easy to please.

Charming bloke. He's nicer than he looks. Unless you're related to him.

I ordered the Triple L Classic with a side of sweet potato fries. They call it classic for a reason. It means you can't go wrong. 

Jared got the Woodstock stacked with bacon, Tennessee white cheddar, and Jack Daniels maple ketchup. As a testament to it's deliciousness I took a picture, looked at my playback, looked up and it was gone. 

EB always the healthier of the three. The older, wiser sister got the Turkey burger with all the classic toppings and avocado.

The "can we please have popsicles now" look...

Las Paletas the best popsicle shop I've ever been to (I have never been to one) just happened to be next door. We ooed and awed at all the kids coming out with their faces dripping with the sweet goodness. 

So many choices...

Jared got Vanilla w/ Chocolate Chips dipped in chocolate. EB and I ordered from the Chiquitas. She had the Chocolate w/ Chocolate Chips and I got the refreshing Strawberry.

We then went on to find ourselves chasing around miniature horses through Belle Meade. These wiley little guys escaped and were galloping through the road. Jared was put on duty to catch the ring leader. Let's just say he could probably stand to hone in on his hearding skills. 

The horses were finally captured and returned home safely.

We had the great fortune of stumbling upon Rayna James home featured in the show Nashville and couldn't help but giving in to the starstruck fan behavior...fine this was just me as I made Jared pull over and I hung out the window capturing every angle of the house at a stalker distance of course.

The rest of our afternoon was no better spent frolicking through Vanderbilt's campus pretending to be cool, rather mature looking college students.

My circus act

Climbin' trees

We are the animal whisperers

My brand spankin new Keds.
After a day full of playing, like real children we exhausted ourselves and over sugared with birthday cookies and whoopie pies. So we lazily ate pizza and curled up to watch a movie to wrap up the weekend. 


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