Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Levitt Shell Birthday Bash

This weekend one of my co-workers threw herself a lovely birthday bash at one of Memphis' best summer pastimes, Levitt Shell. It is a free, outdoor concert arena that hosts all sorts of different music...sometimes blues, zydeco (this is Cajun if you were curious and highly entertaining), and this Friday night was Will Hoge. 

Amanda, the birthday girl, is the most Southern gal I have ever met. She epitomizes the very essence of a Southern Belle with her sweet southern twang, endearing personality, and not mention she has perfected Southern hospitality...I think her table of goodies proves that! Knowing her is a real treat!

The birthday gal in perfect coordination with her party ;)

Will Hoge...you probably have heard his song "Even If It Breaks Your Heart"

Cubicle neighbors...

She's kinda popular

Well it wouldn't be a party without some feathers

Good music, good friends, great food, and a drink in hand makes for a pretty Happy Birthday. Happy Happy Amanda!

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