Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red, White + Blue

In the spirit of the fourth of July we put together some of our red, white, and blue faves. Sacrifices were made as we hunted, scoured, and drooled over some wonderful options all the while maintaining some serious self control by not purchasing everything in site...blogger life comes with its hardships.
Below are our must haves for the ladies, and just so the fellas wouldn't feel neglected we included them too. As we pack our bags for the long weekend, this is what we would like our bags to be filled to the brim with.
For the strapping, young gents out there we have concocted the perfectly preppy outfit that we believe to be a wonderful addition to any female ensemble...wink wink. Coincidentally enough, we seem to have the exact same taste in mens attire. As you can see there are very little differences in our "His" picks. What can we say, great minds think alike.
Nevertheless, only a few more days left in this short week and it's off to celebrate!!!

1. Madewell  2. Nordstrom  3. Kate Spade  4. Target  5. J.Crew  6.Anthropologie  7.Anthropologie  8. Nine West  9.Burberry  10.ASOS  11.J.Crew  12.Volcom

1. Society 6  2. Anthropologie  3. Daniel Wellington  4. J.Crew Factory  5.J.Crew Factory  6. Piperlime  7.J.Crew  8. Kate Spade  9.Old Navy 10. J.Crew Factory  11. Mr. Porter  12. Daniel Wellington  13. J.Crew (Vans)  14. Mr. Porter 

Lo + Bee
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