Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NYC Part 2

After our day of roaming Chinatown and Soho, we got all dolled up and went out on the town. We went to dinner at Brio in Flatiron with Shayda's friend Jen. We ended up here sorta by mistake. In the middle of dinner we realized that Jen thought we had picked it, but we all though Jen told us about it. Still not exactly sure how we got there, but i'm glad we did because it was deeeelish. We had a perfect view of the Flatiron Building from our table.
Their house wine was Gavi, my favorite!

 After dinner we headed to the super chic rooftop bar 230 5th. I mean, LOOK at this view!

So excited to finally reunite with my friend Maddie from school! She's an official New Yorker now.

What initially I thought was a major photo fail, I decided it was cool after a couple looks, so here ya go.

Cheersing our street gyros. They're from a food truck right next to our hotel, we definitely visited it more than once.

Day 3 in NYC we spent waiting on an imaginary Jay-Z concert. Here's the story: One of our friend's who is somewhat of a social media/celebrity expert told us there was rumors he was having a secret show in Brooklyn with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Being that this was the day before the VMAs, and that lots of websites were talking about it, we decided there was a decent chance it could happen. We weren't about to miss any concert of this caliber, so we hiked on over to Bushwick and found the rumored spot. There were a few hundred people there anxiously waiting with us....Three hours later nothing had happened. Finally we reluctantly headed out, only later to find that the whole thing was a hoax. Oh well, it makes for a great story!

At least we had some pretty art to look at.

After our concert letdown, we went to Smorgusburg. It's a flea food market type thing held in Williamsburg. It's great because there's just about any food you could want. Most things are in fairly small portions so you can jump around from tent to tent and munch on anything from mac and cheese to tacos to ice cream get the picture.


Chowing down on our shrimp tacos.

Tons of people were just sitting out with their food and admiring the view.

This was our last full day together. Wish we had longer! 
I'm still not done with all my adventures though. I'll be spending the next couple days running around Manhattan on my own so be sure to check it out!

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