Monday, September 2, 2013


Maddie is an actual grown-up now, so while she headed off to her real job this week I set out for more exploring. It's my last two days in the city, so I made sure to pack in everything I've wanted to see and missed so far. Brace yourselves for a whole lotta pictures. I'm an avid Today Show watcher, so my first stop was Rockefellar Center. By this point all the broadcast was over for the day, but it still was cool to see it and NBC Studios. No Brian Williams in sight though (he's my fave).

 I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and headed up to the Upper East Side. First I made my way to Central Park to work on some blogging.

This was my spot for the afternoon, Le Pain Quotdien. It's a cafe chain around NYC and when I saw they had a Central Park location I knew it would be the perfect spot.

This building/ courtyard area looked just like the school from GG. 

 The UES is made up of avenues lined with designer boutiques and charming townhomes. It makes sense why Blair would call it home. The neighborhood is also home to Laduree, a famous Parisian macaroon bakery. I'm dying to go to the one in Paris, but walking in the NYC version felt like I was there. The staff referred to me as "madame"... I could get used to that.

Look, they're so glorious they're glowing. I got salted caramel, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, and at the recommendation of the staff, melon.

I loved the Upper East Side. Being there re-introduced my Gossip Girl obsession. I think I'll have to re-watch all the seasons when I get home. The only thing missing from my afternoon was lunch on the steps of the MET, maybe next time.

My next day on my own I started out a little farther south, in Chelsea. I spent a little time roaming Chelsea Market. It's a big warehouse-like building full of little food joints and shops. 

The high line is an old train track that has been converted into a park/walking path in the middle of the city.

I did a bit of research on the best NYC coffee shops (are you really surprised?) and Culture was on multiple lists. I made a special trip there to try a latte. It was definitely in my top 5 favorites, but I don't know if I'd give it the number one spot. 

The New York Public Library was not something that wasn't really on my radar of places to visit, but I was sitting in Bryant Park having internet connection issues and realized that it was right next door with abundant wi-fi, so I decided to make a visit. I'm so glad that I did. The architecture was beautiful, reminiscent of the opulent museums I visited all over Italy.

After the long days hiking all over NYC, I was ready for a little rest. Luckily, Maddie knew just the spot. We headed back to Brooklyn for a little night cap. First we stopped at Zombie Hut for a famous Tiki Torch shot. I'm still not sure what was in it, but you start with a lemon and finish with a marshmallow you roast off the bar. Genius.

Clover Club was a dimly lit, old fashioned bar with a huge list of interesting yummy drinks. We cheersed to my last visit (aka next time I come I have to move there) and soaked up my last few hours in NYC.

My final morning I took a little stroll to the Brooklyn Heights promenade with its sweeping views of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge. I heavily considered sitting here all day and missing my flight back home.

Until next time, NYC....

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