Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun in the Sun

If you didn't catch my drift from the previous Gulf Shores post, it is pretty much the bomb diggity. After just getting back from a long exhausting work trip I was more than ready for a little r and r. Let me summarize my days...

Sleep sleep in I mean the sun was in the sky. Granny over here.

Morning run if I am feeling young and spry

Eat, beach it, burn, eat, read, burn some more and eat again. I think you get it.

It is everything a vacation should be and completely guilt free. On top of all of that I get to spend countless hours with my favorite people. I love them to death and I do not apologize for the family photo shoot that is about to commence.

The story behind this photo is that Dad insisted on having a non-corny photo with Mom. They took some pictures for their church directory and let's just say that the poses they made them do make those cheesy prom poses look moderate. We begged Mom to buy some of the photos for comic relief but she wouldn't budge.
 They just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. Something to aspire to.
 Everything I hope to be one day. Isn't she a beaut?
So typical...everyone picks on me. My response to Dad telling me I look like a goofball. He has forgotten I am a direct reflection of him.
 Okay normal.

The morning storms were impressive. Short and sweet.

 Off to the beach. My photographer is a little stunted/challenged. Ehhhhem Jared.

 I was playing with the camera when Dad saw the shark. I caught his shadow at least. I got to see the little devil the next day. No Jaws or anything but still a little erie. I still have all my fingers and toes.

The battle to win favorite child award. It may not look like it here but I am winning. Let him relish in his moment.
 She's pretty loved and really what's not to love?
I asked Mom if she would hold Dad's hand for some bloggy blog photos and she obliged. She went up grabbed Dad's hand and he was so touched by the gesture, you know walking on the beach at sunset with the love of his life...mushy stuff. Honest Mom, told him it was in fact for the blogger standing right behind him. 
 Crushed. But they still like each other a little.

We always rent a beach front home either with Meyer Realty or Kaiser Realty. This really is the way to go in my opinion because the beach is private and the neighbors are friendly. Our house with Kaiser was large and in charge with some pretty impressive views.  Everyone could have had their own room but EB and I like to share. Good bonding time. If you are ever in those neck of the woods, I highly recommend Alabama. Not too touristy but plenty to do.

Until tomorrow...


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