Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Second Line

This last weekend my brother drifted on over to Memphis for some brother sister bonding. It's hard to believe that for the greater part of my early years he hated me.

Saturday I made Jared put down the chocolate donuts and we headed over to Midtown to dine at Memphis' newest restaurant, The Second Line. I had tested the waters for Kelly English's newest venture a week before at book club and was pleasantly surprised after mixed reviews. The atmosphere and cuisine called for round two and worthy of a blog post.

This is your ewwy gooey, delicious, greasy paws, New Orleans kind of chow. Who doesn't love a poboy packed with flavor served with all the fixins'? 

The restaurant is nestled in Midtown disguised as an old home. As soon as those doors swing open you feel right at home with the bustling of the bar and old friends catching up over some good grub. The space is filled with old wood, aged brick, vintage light fixtures, and copper accents. I have never been to Louisiana, but I strangely felt transported to a local eatery deep in the heart of New Orleans.

It was a packed house, giving us a solid excuse to blow off time at the bar.

Obsessed with the copper countertops.

 Somebody was hungry. I have to say the wait was a tad bit on the long side.

 For starters, Gulf shrimp bathed in some delectable bbq-type sauce.

We were drowning our bread in this stuff. So good!

Please feed us...
 Jared got the Johnny snack poboy - ham + cheese with gravy.
 And a side of perfectly, crisp fries.
I had the oh so traditional New Orleans staple, roast white oaks pasture beef with gravy + swiss. Oh and onion rings, for the ticker.

Blazing hot!
Thank heavens for towels which was far better served than some flimsy paper napkin.

Clean plate club.
This is the, I ate way too much face.
 Nap time?
Happy to be your taste tester. Until next time.


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