Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chocolatey Fiasco

I've been a dreadful blogger. Absent, inconsistent, and unworthy of your love. So I thought I'd make you a treat.

Much to my dismay my sweet gesture turned into a bit of fiasco. They aren't pretty but it is the thought that counts, right?

I was feeling a bit blue on Friday, so I scurried over to Anthropologie hoping to indulge in a little retail therapy. It turns out I found this gem of a chocolatier's cookbook written by the Mast Brothers, the makers of rich, dark chocolate perfectly packaged out of Brooklyn. 

I felt like I had hit a gold mine when I was flipping through this giant book filled with inspiring desserts countered with a truly inspiring story. 

It seemed to be the perfect way to extend the olive branch to my loyal readers.

My first bite left me standing there, nose crinkled and brow furrowed. Where did I go wrong?

So, I went into damage control. I melted up the rest of the dark chocolate and started dunking the caramels. Sprinkled them with sea salt. Popped them in the fridge.

This gave them redeeming qualities but not so much in the looks department.

 I really owe you all one for sticking by my side! I know you are getting weary with all of these food posts. Buckle up. I'm headed West next week and I may not return.


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