Monday, March 24, 2014

IU Weekend

With one of my internships wrapping up, I had a few free days to myself. I decided this was the perfect chance to take an adult spring break and head back to Indiana. It just so happened that two of my best friends, Aly and Kim, were also going to be around the weekend I was home. Now that we're all busy being adults and spreading out across the country, we don't get to see each other much. We decided to have a little reunion with our alma mater. It was perfect.

It was a beeeeautiful day when we arrived in Bloomington. We decided to take a little meander through campus, ever grateful that we now can soak it in without having to go to class. IU really does have one of the best campuses you'll ever see, built with lots on Indiana limestone and filled with tons of greenspace.


Posing with our friend Herman B. Wells. He's somewhat of a legend at IU. Truth be told, I never really gave this statue a second glance in school, but for some reason we decided it would be a good photo op.

The Rose Well House

The union is definitely one of my favorite spots on campus.

It's not really a spring day in Bloomington unless you're sitting on Kilroy's patio having a drink, so after our walk that's exactly what we did.

So glad I got to reunite with these girls and visit our old stomping grounds. I'm thinking it should be an annual trip!


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