Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Florida Cont...

Day two of fun in the sun consisted of the crew piling into the minivan and day tripping to St. Pete's to visit Ma's cousin who just happens to own a jet skiing business.

The children (Dad, Jared, and myself) reaped the rewards of the family business venture. Dad took it more as a relaxing exercise where Jared and I looked at it as a competition. Who can go faster and who is better at soaking the other.

You don't need to ask…I'm the clear winner.

Just thrilled about having to take a test as I wasn't quite old enough to be trusted. In hindsight I should have studied a tad more. I passed by the skin of my teeth.

 Open sesame!

I'll be the first to admit that I need a little work at pulling up to the dock. You just can't win em' all.

A real family affair.
Taking tests, soaking up rays, and holding on for dear life meant ice cream was the only logical reward for such a long, strenuous day.

We are a pretty easy bunch to please if you couldn't tell.

We slept quite soundly that evening. The gals decided to spend our last day working on our tans and dabbling in a little outlet mall shopping. Overall we were quite successful.

I would also like to introduce our neighborhood gator friend, Gary. Let's play where's Gary? Do you see him?

Frederick the frog was trying to find some shade.

Elizabeth the lobster.
Sun and books. My cup of tea.
Back to reality. Time to plan the next adventure.

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