Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top Frocks: 2014 Met Gala

While everyone was celebrating Cinco de Mayo this Monday, the fashion world was celebrating one of its biggest nights of the year, the Met Gala. It's comparable to the Oscars of fashion, except it's mainly just about seeing what everyone will wear. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute hosts this fundraiser with a specific theme each year. This year brought big changes and the Costume Institute   officially became the Anna Wintour Costume Center, because clearly Anna Wintour is the ultimate authority when it comes to fashion. The Met Gala is an event that lends itself to the avant-garde and allows attendees to push the limits a bit. It's a time when the designer is as important as the celebrity wearing the dress, and most bring the designer as their date. You know how much I love a red carpet, so I've scoured all the looks and rounded up my favorites. 

5. Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung
    Black and white dresses ruled the red carpet Monday night, but this one was definitely my favorite 
    of them all.

4. Chrissy Teigen in Ralph Lauren
    Seems like she's ended up on my list before (see: Grammys). Perhaps I should be keeping an eye out 
    for her.

3. Kristen Wiig in Balenciaga
    I thought this look was very cool and a bit risky. If you're going to take a fashion risk, it might as
    well be at the Met Gala. Also, the fashion world has been buzzing about Alexander Wang's recent
    take over of Balenciaga, so wearing this designer was a smart move.

2. Blake Lively in Gucci
    She looks absolutely glamorous, and her #2 spot has nothing to do with my recent Gossip Girl binge,
    I promise.

 1. Emma Stone in Thakoon
     I'm usually a fan of her style, which has also been getting a lot of buzz due to all her press action of
     late, so I was very interested to see what she'd choose. She definitely did not disappoint. I think hot
     pink can be super cool if done right, and she's very on trend with the crop top. I also love that she
     went with a slightly unexpected designer.

     p.s. that is Thakoon that she is pictured with


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