Thursday, May 15, 2014

College Educated

I scidaddled back up North to celebrate one real cool dude graduating college. I know Lo would have loved to be there as well to give Austin a jolly o' pat on the back, so this is just as much for her viewing pleasure as it is yours.

We threw on our party pants and dove into the sea of cream and crimson toasting to all the grads and the awesome things they are all about to embark on. 

It's tough being the friend of a blogger. Your very own personal paparazzi.

Anna, she pretty much epitomizes awesome if you couldn't see it radiating off of her.
 Ashley my old futbol buddy...

 Bahama Mama, yes, please.

 I'm feeling awfully sentimental through this blog post. I just love these people so much.

Lo's mama makes this bomb chocolately, peanut butter cake that I insist Lo does a blog post on.

 A little ray of sunshine...
 Ya think we are related or something?

The college grads! Way to be awesome Mitch, Sam, Austin, and Chris! You just look smarter. Welcome to the world of #postgradproblems.

 And this my friends was the beginning of the end.
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