Saturday, June 7, 2014


Being that it's the weekend seemed like the perfect time to post about yet another NYC weekend brunch. This one was extra special because a couple of my besties, Jordan and Olivia flew into town to help me celebrate my birthday a little bit early. Their trip was filled with lots of festivities, but nothing says welcome to the city like a good ol' boozey brunch. We hit up Agave, a nearby Mexican restaurant that has top notch margaritas...which also happen to be unlimited during brunch!

Of course stop #1 is always for coffee. I became THAT girl who takes pictures of her coffee art, but aren't they just so cute?

Round 1, Round 2. 

Note to self: you know a margarita is good (and strong) when it's not green.

Double fisting at its finest.

Deep discussion.

Jordan got the Southwestern style eggs benedict complete with chipotle hollandaise. I got some incredibly delicious huevos rancheros. Olivia ordered french toast at our Mexican brunch so her food doesn't get a picture, I hear it was very tasty though.

The best part of the brunch: present time!

Happy off our margarita buzz, we decided to take a stroll through my hood.

Look familiar? Our stroll took us by Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City. 

More of our assorted adventures to come. Stay tuned!


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  1. Can't wait to visit you! I am so happy yall had a great time! THE FOOD, looks amaze.