Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Bee and Mere headed home right after New Years but Jordan hung around a few more days...and then some. Her original flight back to Indiana was cancelled so she was stranded here three extra days. I'm not complaining though. It gave us pleeennnty of time to eat our way through the city. In NYC weekend brunch is institution, and I'm sure not going to question it. We decided to hit up Penelope. It's a quaint little cafe on the east side with the most perfect brunch menu.

It's near the Chrysler Building, and since that's my favorite building in the city, I tend to take a picture every time I see it.

They had me at this sign.

 I went with the Nutella French Toast, because why get anything else? Jordan went with the Sam I Am, eggs scrambledwith asparagus and feta. Also super delicious.

 It's a crowded little joint. You know it's good when your wait time is 11/2 hours. We passed the time with coffee of course.

Clearly there are more important things going on than my blog...

Yes, I realize I'm trying too hard for this picture. I did genuinely love my french toast though.

After brunch we strolled up to Grand Central. I could spend hours here people-watching and architecture-admiring.

It turned 100 years old this year!

"Oh don't mind me, just waiting on my train to New Haven."

Apparently everyone in Grand Central got the dark color memo.

 There's more where that came from. Stay tuned!


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  1. I also had the french toast at penelope! It's divine, isn't it? xx

    1. So, so good. I've been trying to re-create it at home!