Saturday, January 18, 2014

You've Got Mail

Jordan's final day here had a lot of build up. We had saved the best for last. She's a MASSIVE You've Got Mail fan. Not to say that I'm not a fan, but I haven't watched it multiple times and memorized lines as she has :). I had planned brunch at the adorable cafe that's in the film, Cafe Lalo, but Jordan took it a step further by finding a website dedicated to the movie and all its filming locations. So on a cold and icy morning, we headed all the way up to the Upper West Side for the grand You've Got Mail tour.

Really though, the cafe is quite charming. I'd like to sit next to these windows on a sunny afternoon with a book and endless coffee.

The cafe is very European feeling and has international brunch selections such as the Italian, Dutch, Moroccan Delight, etc. 

I had the Italian, of course.

They were apparently feeling very festive, rocking New Year decor along with their poinsettias from Christmas.

After brunch we hit up some of the other filming spots like their neighborhood Starbucks, grocery store, and some other things I can't remember. After all that we got to my favorite part of the day, a nice meander through Central Park. 

Not really feeling like I'm in New York City at the moment...I like it though.

I still don't know what this building is, but it's in every shot you see of Central Park and I love it. It appears on my iPhoto a ton because I take a picture of it every time I'm in the park.

I like to think you have a pretty charmed childhood if Central Park is your neighborhood sledding spot.

Quite the change from the last time I visited this spot in the fall.  Everything in the park seemed to be covered in a secret layer of ice. It took us a solid ten minutes to get down the stairs without wiping out.

There's a group of singers that are always in this little area. The acoustics are awesome and I always have to stop and listen to them.
Playing in the snow, duh.

It was a bit too cold to have lunch on the steps of the Met like Blair Waldorf, so Jordan will just have to come back in the summer to fulfill our Gossip Girl dreams.

We hit up the Met's gift shop. I could spend hours in it alone, to go through the whole museum I'd need an entire day!

Where to start? 

No one can leave NYC without going to Laduree, so I had to take Jordan for her first experience. They're getting ready to open another location near my neighborhood, which means I'm in trouble.

Look at how adorable this little family is! Yes, they were all together even though they don't look like it in the picture. I know because we stalked them all the way down the path since they seemed like the perfect little fam.

One of my favorite spots of Central Park.

The best way to end the day: cupcakes and wine

Happy weekend!


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